Travel Peru Online was born in 2004 with the aim of developing receptive tourism in Peru. Our main objective is to provide high quality care and safety to tourists who want to visit this beautiful country.


We are aware that the world of tourism is a dream factory based on travel, which can not be fulfilled if the organizing company has no knowledge of the destination. Taking into account that Peru is a vast territory with cultural, historical and natural attractions, we have integrated a team with experience and professionalism.



Basics of our service



  1. We offer hosting services with international recognition according to the standards of the world hotel, previously visited by us to be recommended.
  2. We provide high quality transportation, restaurants and leisure.
  3. We have personnel capable of receiving, taking care of and providing the required services in Spanish, English or another language.
  4. We have professional guides endorsed by tourism entities.
  5. We offer our services and operations throughout the year.
  6. We offer private services with personalized attention in each place of the country.
  7. We design travel programs throughout Peru, with a wide variety of attractions.
  8. We offer the possibility of organizing excursions not included in our predesigned programs.
  9. We guarantee a safe service, which is important when traveling abroad.
  10. Guarantee the security of your payment and its performance as agreed.



Today we are proud of having always fulfilled our travelers who have arrived in Peru and for that reason we want you to visit us.




Thanks for your preference.








General Manager - CEO




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Address:  Av. Venezuela 6191, Urb. German Astete

                  San Miguel - Lima